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RUSSIAN - German - English


ready for short assignments in the USA or anywhere,
including Russia & countries of the former Soviet Union.
Experience interpreting complicated specialized topics.
Good knowledge of Russian business,administration
academic world.


Michael Golubnichy

Tel. in New York: 1 - 718 - 471 2925

Cell ph. in the USA: 1 - 347 - 524 2488

E-mail :
or: UN@mirexpo.US


Web site:


Experience as interpreter:

1991 to present : Free lance interpreter

1984 1990 Conference Interpreter: Organization for Security and Cooperation

in Europe (CSCE / OSCE) in Vienna.

1979-1984 Reviser - Translator at the United Nations Office in Geneva.

1972-1979 Interpreter of the Conference for Security and Cooperation

and in Europe (CSCE / OSCE).

1965-1971 Translator - Interpreter - Editor at the United Nations
Headquarters in New York.
rked as conference interpreter on short or years lasting assignments for:

- International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna,

- United Nations Industrial Development Organization in Vienna,

- World Intellectual Property Organization, United Nations in Geneva,

- Environment Programme in Nairobi,

- Conference (now Organization) for Security and Cooperation in Europe

(OSCE- CSCE) in Helsinki, Geneva, Vienna and Belgrade -

also at the level of Heads of States and Foreign Ministers.

- as Russian English and German interpreter with Russian pilots,

engineers, mechanics and electricians at different helicopters and

airplane training centers in the USA and Germany.

- accompanied different specialized delegations and specialists as
Russian - English or German interpreter in Soviet Union, Russia
or other countries.

Education and training

Institute (University) of International Relations, Moscow -

Diploma of Interpreter / Specialist in International History.

Institute of Finance and Economics, Moscow

(postgraduate studies, dissertation, Ph.D. in economics).

United Nations One Year Training Course for UN Interpreters/Translators.


Other qualifications:

- Journalist: Russian economic and professional journals,

- United Nations NGOs Representative at the UN Head-Quarters in New York
and UN Offices in Geneva and Vienna.

Corresponding documents and references available upon request.

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