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                                          NEGUS INTERNATIONAL
                                                                  is the biggest company in Eastern Europe for exhibitions,
                                                                  conventions, conferences  in  Europe  -  America  -  Asia.
                                                                  Negus Expo works  also  from its Office in Germany  and
                                                                  has correspondents in UN: New York - Brussels - Vienna

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                                   United Nations  Negus Correspondents in  New York, Brussels, Geneva, Vienna                                       


               Michael Golubnichy Ph. D. at the United Nations, New York                                      Ludmila Efremova in Washington


  Alla Rozanova in Brussels

                                                      Retail`s Big Shows
                                                   Retail Professionals – present or future - are invited
                                                             to participate at International  Retail`s Big Shows
                                                                         in New York in January each year.
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                                                        Fancy Food Show in New York
                                                                         will be held at Javits Expo Center  Jun 30 - Jul 02
                                                                             Information on previous Fancy Food Shows
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                                                   Restaurant Show in New York    
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                                                                      International Jewelry Shows in New York
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                                                                                                             Michael Golubnichy  
     International  Travel  Exhibitions
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                                                                Международные выставки по  туризму
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International AUTO Expo in New York
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                                                                                    Michael Golubnichy   and   Alana Rozanova       
                                                                               The Market for Home & Lifestyle expo in New York
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                                                                            Michael Golubnichy – United Nations Correspondent
   Negus Special Correspondent  in Brussels  Alla  Rozanova
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Michael Golubnichy
                                                                                     International Tourism  and  the United Nations:
                                                                                           UN  World Tourism Organization (WTO)
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                                                       SES Conference and Expo in New York
                                                                                          Michael Golubnichy

                                   The marketing SES Conference and Expo in New York continues to get bigger and better  year-on-year.
                                   Bringing together the industry's brightest minds and most seasoned practitioners -  it truly is  a wealth
                                                                                         of search and online marketing nuggets.                     

                                                     It was just announced that this conference and expo will rebranded


                           SES in New York  attracted  more than 6,000 attendees from leading brands across the business landscape.

                           The conference and expo presented a great opportunity to hear directly from leading experts about platform
                           technological improvements and new achievements  in the whole branch  and  much knowledge
how to best
                           utilize new possibilities of new search systems and strategy.  

                                                                                        Registration of the participants:

SES in New York was packed with 70+ sessions, multiple keynotes.


                               More than 3,500 online marketing professionals and other specialists visited over 100 exhibitors and
                               participated in numerous forums, workshops and networking events to keep up
on best practices and
                               to get acquainted with new technologies during conferences, in the exhibit hall
and by networking with
                               their peers.
                              The agenda includes sessions, case studies
and workshops, special training workshops designed to help
                              online professionals do their jobs better.

               http://mirexpo.us/neg-E/index_files/image007.jpg http://mirexpo.us/neg-E/index_files/image008.jpg    


                         For 13 years, the global SES Conference & Expo Series has educated thousands of delegates.  Very useful and
                         appreciated by the participants was a new platform of work called "Meet the Experts Roundtable Forums".

                        At these Forums all participants had a unique opportunity to learn, network and share information with your peers
                        and  leading industry specialists. With a choice of dozens roundtable discussions, each focusing
on different key
                        topics and featuring 2 experts, this session was not to be missed.  It packed  the huge ballroom  of the 50 storied
                                                                                                  Hilton Hotel:

                          Participants of the "Meet the Experts Roundtable Forums" could choose the roundtable most pertinent
                         to them and join the discussion. They
also could move freely between different roundtables to make sure
you get the most out of this session. After the forum they continued their conversations and broaden their
                         new contacts during their visits
of the expo booths and also during their networking at luncheons where
                         they could continue their discussions and networking. 

                        With the rapid enhancement of the efficiency  of the search systems, these systems are becoming
                        more complicate.
                       The task of this SES conference and expo was to examine and to predict how  the search systems
                        will continue to develop in the near future and thereafter and to help business people
and general
                        public to use them more easily
and more profitably in their business. 

                        Search is gaining in importance with every year and is becoming  ever more powerful tool  for
                        the development of all businesses and of all forms of communication in
business and  in social
                        life–locally, country- and global wide. 


                                                                SES in New York was visited by specialists from different continents. There were exhibitors
                                                                                           from such far away countries, as for example, Japan or India.

                                                                                                                   Exhibitors from Rumania:
                                                    http://mirexpo.us/neg-E/index_files/image010.jpg   http://mirexpo.us/neg-E/index_files/image011.jpg     


                        Due to growing  importance of the search engine technologies, SES conferences and
                        expos will be held this year in other cities of the world:
                        In April   SES  will be held in Shanghai.
                        For the last 13 years, SES conferences have been the venue for brands, agencies and
                        entrepreneurs around the world to connect, learn and share experiences and insights
                        into the emerging online marketing landscape.
                       This April SES comes to Shanghai in its 2nd year, joins some of the most creative and
                        inspirational marketers with brands and agencies of all sizes hungry to discover  and
                        discuss what's next. 

                        In June SES will come to Toronto.

                        With new exhibitions and  sessions covering topics such as PPC management, keyword research,
                        SEO, social media, local, mobile, link building, duplicate content, multiple site issues,
                        video optimization, site optimization, and usability,  while offering high-level strategy,
                        keynotes, an exhibit floor with companies that can help you grow your business,
                        networking events, parties and more. 

                        SES in San Francisco will be held in August.

                         In 2017 it was one of the most valuable internet marketing conferences. From an unparalleled venue
                         in the Moscone Center to exceptional speakers, valuable content, and thousands of energized attendees.
                        SES San Francisco turned out to be one of the best internet marketing conferences ever held. 

                        SES will be held also in Hong Kong, September.

                        Last year's SES Hong Kong conference was a phenomenal success,  attracting  245 senior search
                        and social marketing professionals. More than 50 speakers from a cross-section of well-respected
                        organizations discussed the latest marketing trends,  best practices,  technology  and  innovation.

                                                            SES will open its doors also in Singapore in November.

                         It  will bring its world renowned learning experience and thought leaders in the search engine
                         marketing field back to Singapore. More than 50 speakers from a cross-section of well-respected
                         industry organizations will discuss  the latest market dynamics and trends, best practices,
                         technology and innovation.

                         At SES Singapore  participants  can broaden their knowledge  at numerous sessions covering
                         PPC management, keyword research, SEO, social media, local, mobile, link building, duplicate
                         content, multiple site issues, video optimization and usability, plus networking events,  parties
                         and more. 

                         In the USA the next  SES conference and expo    will  be held in Chicago in November. 

                         Participants from Europe and from around the world are very welcomed at all these and
                         others Conferences and Expos.

                                                                          Michael  Golubnichy -  New York

                                                                         Other information from our Correspondents
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                                                                                      о других предстоящих выставках
в СШАЕвропе - Азии 

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